Course Run By Brainy Stars International Islamic Montessori

Course Duration

  • This Course has no age limit
  • This hundred created hour’s course
  • Classes are conducted.



Our Syllabus includes

  • EPL (exercise of practical life)
  • Senatorial
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science/cultural


Graduate or degree from any college

Course Includes

  • 100 Hours of Intensive Curriculum
  • Include practical classes
  • Theory about Montessori method
  • Well furnished and spacious classroom
  • Ideally designed for housewife and youngster. Looking at a carrier in teaching.

We Conduct

  • Theory Exam
  • Via and practical
  • Observation of children in other School
  • Submission of written files and projects
  • Candidates will be either recruited by brainy stars or other school.
  • There will be a formal convocation after the course is completed and will receive a certificate of completion


  • E.P.L=Exercise of practical life

Hear we teach the children those activities which are usually done in our surrounding it develops the child in motor skill movements.


We teach the child Dimension regarding their length, and height wise. Different shapes and sizes to improve their overall senses.


We teach through phonetics recognition of sound, hearing and trying to spell.


As this is Montessori blended with traditional method. We teach the child quantity first then a symbol. Once he is ready to recognize understand the quantity, he is ready to write down.


Here we teach the child science in a fun and practical way & give them the activities projects work picture card etc.

  • AIM  

On Competition of course become as a pre- school teacher.

(Prepared By: Mrs Fasiha Banu Khan)

Exercise of Practical Life

  1. How to roll a mat?
  2. How to unroll a mat?
  3. How to put a chowki down?
  4. How to hold and lift a chowki?
  5. How to keep a small glass down?
  6. How to keep a glass down?
  7. How to hold & lift a small glass?
  8. How to hold & lift a glass?
  9. How to fold a napkin (divided by medials)
  10. How to unfold a napkin (divided by medials)
  11. How to fold a napkin (divided by diagonals)
  12. How to unfold a napkin (divided by diagonals)
  13. Folding a duster for display
  14. Unfolding a duster folded by display
  15. Dusting a chowki
  16. Frames – How to fasten coat button
  17. How to unfasten coat buttons
  18. How to close press buttons
  19. How to open press buttons
  20. How to close hook & eye.
  21. How to open hook & eye
  22. Folding a duster after use?
  23. Unfolding a duster after use?

Sensorial Activities

  1. The cylinder blocks
  2. The pink Tower
  3. The brown stars
  4. The long rods
  5. Colour tablets (1)
  6. Colour tablets(2)
  7. Colour tablets(3) box
  8. Binomial cube
  9. Trinomial cube
  10. Geometrical cabinet
  11. Geometrical cards
  12. Noise Boxes
  13. Grading Activity with noise boxes
  14. Constructive Triangles
  15. Coloured cylinders
  16. Colour tablets

Language Activities

  1. Enrichment of vocabulary
  2. Preliminary activities in surround recognition
  3. Sand paper letters
  4. Movable Alphabets with sand paper letter
  5. Movable Alphabets with pictures from the 4 vowel boxes
  6. Picture series of level 1
  7. Picture series of level 2
  8. Picture series of level 3
  9. Presentation of q and x
  10. Name lesson(ordinary)
  11. Special name lessons
  12. Comparative degree name lessons
  13. Superlative degree name lessons
  14. Group activity in oral phonetic analysis- listening to the first sound in a word
  15. Group activity in oral phonetic analysis- listening to the last sound in a word
  16. Group activity in oral phonetic analysis- listening to the first sound by 1 child,last sound another child.
  17. Group activity in oral phonetic analysis- listening to the first and last sound in the same word by one child


  1. Introduction
  2. Number rods
  3. Sand paper numbers
  4. Number rods with cards
  5. Special exercise with number rods
  6. Spindle boxes
  7. Chit game
  8. Zero activity
  9. Cards and counters