Our Concept

The 'Brainy Star' education system provides alternative education system.

The system integrates Montessori Method, Traditional method and Islamic values

It is a holistic approach. Each child will be educated and trained individually depending on the capabilities, intelligence, interest and inclination.

We along with parents and our highly committed faculty, endeavor that the student not only learns and understands Islam but also grows up to become an obedient of Almighty, asset to the family, society and the country so that he/she achieves success here and in the hereafter.

The Concept of Murabbiya

In our system teachers are not teachers like they are in traditional system. Here in our system they are 'Murabbiyat' students call them 'aunty'.

'What is Murabbiya': Murabbiya is feminine gender of Murabbi. Murabbi is a Quranic term. The term was used for Prophet Mohammad(s). Once he had said that - "I have been sent as Murabbi". The term Murabbi is used for the person who transforms the lives of others. The Murabbi transforms the lives of his pupils/ students by presenting himself as model. The Brainy Stars' concept of teacher is Murabbiya. A teacher involves herself in all round development of child. She not only transfers the knowledge but she also looks after child's psychological and health aspects. She present herself as model for children. She takes interest in the life of child in school campus and home.